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Lessons in Meowish (Meowish for Beginners)

Hello evfurryone! Addycat here again =^..^=
Today I would like to introduce you all to a widely spoken, but rarely known language (to humans anyway), Meowish.

Meowish is the language us cats use to commewnicate with over the internets. (Not to be confused with the supurr secret language of Purrglish, which we cats use with each other in purrson and i will NOT be cofuring in this class because… well… it’s supurr secret!)

Moving on. Im sure many of you readers have noticed that some of the words I use are spelled diffurently than you would find in a human blog. These words are part of the Meowish language and allow swift compurrehension of commewnication among cats!

The words sound furry similar to the English word it repurresents, which means that almost efurrybody can read Meowish, but kittehs seem to understand Meowish better. I think this is because if we come across the Meowish writing, we know it has been written by a cat and we will therefurr pay attention.

Cats are the far supurrior beings, so we know if a cat has written something, it must be impurrtant! The writings in English are largely ignored by cats because… well… it is written and spoken by humans. And we ALL know humans have nothing impurrtant to talk or write about, unless it has to do with noms. Or pawsibly Da Bird toys or chin scritches. (No offense to any of my human readers… The truth is the truth.)

Now, you may be wondering why I am writing a post on beginning Meowish if we cats already know the language. I was reading a great blog that I subspurribe to, Cats at the Bar, and left a comment about Meowish there. The human of that blog respawnded and seemed intpurrested in the language.  I thought maybe other humans might be intpurrested too and im sure other cats will find the topic intpurresting too!

This post is already getting long and I am furry ready fur my evening nap, so we will begin with the furst rule of Meowish fur today.

Meowish Rule #1

When writing a word, think of any cat – related words that could pawsibly be used in the spelling of that word. For example: the word pawsibly. Now, humans write this word as: possibly. In Meowish, “poss” is replaced with “paws”, because… it sounds the same and cats have paws! The “o” in the English word “for” is replaced with “u”, making the word “fur” because… cats have fur. Is this making sense, humans?

Would you like to learn Meowish? Are you cats intpurrested in observing humans learning Meowish? If so, we might start a Meowish dictionary where cats and humans (and MAYBE even some of the more intelligent barkie things) can submit words for the dictionary!


Oh… don’t furget to go check out the kittehs at Cats at the Bar!

Trills, Addycat