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A Trip to the Drugstore

So. Last Thursday, after dropping off Teenage Son at school, I decided to run to the post office to mail an item that had sold on eBay. On my way there I noticed I needed to stop at a gas station.

It was cold and rainy and just blah outside. I filled my  car up with gas and continued with my errand. As I was driving home, I realized it had just turned 8:00. Walgreens had just opened. I was interested in looking for a new foundation (because the Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo foundation I just bought is making my skin ridiculously dry- which I’m really sad about because I love it otherwise) and I was also needing a good hand lotion.

I entered the store and was immediately greeted excessively by three employees. I suspected one was the District Manager. Ok, so… is this just me or do you ever do this too? I can’t just like go to the makeup section and grab whatever I need. I have to look at each brand and type of whatever thing I’m needing (in this case, foundation) and compare them. This means I put each item I want to compare in my basket.

THEN other things begin to catch my eye. New lipsticks. Pretty nail polishes. Face transforming mascara… and so on. It never fails. EVERY time I enter the beauty section of ANY store, I end up being in that section for at least an hour, usually longer.

Anyway… one of the employees started like following me around. She was quite obviously pretending to “straighten items” not far from where I would be looking at whatever. When I would walk to a different part, she would move with me.

Maybe I should go into more detail about my makeup shopping habits… I usually compare items within groups. If I am looking at lipstick, for example, I will pick out whichever lipsticks I like from whatever brand I come to first, then move on to the other lipstick brands. This means I am moving around a LOT in the makeup department, retracing my own steps many times. It’s just the method that makes sense to me. Yes, I do have OCD.

So it was very apparent that she was following and watching me. I guess she realized, after like 20 minutes, that I was just being compulsive about comparing products. She went back to the front where the “district manager” employee was. I overheard him say “So is everything okay in cosmetics?” Her reply was “Everything is just fine, nothing to worry about”.

I was really offended! The guy was clearly an asshole and the poor girl employee sort of smiled at me apologetically. I give that particular Walgreens ALL my business regarding medication, which is a substantial amount of money each month, plus I always buy other items there because of convenience as I am waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. I still can’t figure out what caused the guy to be suspicious of me. Was it because I kept meandering around the aisles comparing the products, oblivious to the world around me? Was it the way I look? Because I dress differently and wear weird accessories?

I don’t know what prompted me to write about this suddenly. I glanced at an EOS hand lotion that I purchased and I guess it reminded me of this situation. I think I’m more bothered about it right now than I was when it happened. At the time I was too much “in the zone” to really care. Has anything like that ever happened to you? Do you have any weird habits when you shop for makeup? Am I the only one who can spend 2 hours in the cosmetics section? Kat

Revlon’s Nearly Naked: Kat’s First Impression

So. I just did a YouTube video of my first impression: Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation! However, I can not get it to upload onto my Asus tablet 😦 All the photos from my camera downloaded, but I guess the videos aren’t compatible or something. I was really disappointed because one of the reasons I bought this specific tablet was to download photos and videos. Maybe there is an app I can download or something for the videos. Sigh.
Anyway, the foundation! I got it in the shade “Nude” #030. My first impression was pretty good! I think I’m going to really like it a lot. I usually don’t do well when picking out drug store foundation and have to return them most of the time to try a different color. I think I got it right on the money this time! And speaking of money, this foundation doesn’t take much of it which is always a plus. It was $9.99 at my local Walgreens and there was also a BOGO 50% off sale for Revlon products!

Have you tried this foundation yet? Have you used the Urban Decay Naked foundation? I haven’t but I would like to know how they compare with each other. Kat


Cat’s Outta the Bag…

This is Addy. She’s obsessed with purses!



Look What I Got!!!


I just got home from a Dr. Appointment and Walgreens. While picking up my scripts, I noticed the Nearly Naked display. I chose the color “Nude”.
It cost $9.99 but I was able to use my rewards points on it! Also, all Revlon products were BOGO half off!!! I am going to do a first impression review on my YouTube channel. My YouTube user name is also Addercatter. Have you tried this yet? What do you think? Kat

Time to Talk about Health.

So. I have some followers now and I’ve posted on various topics. I recently started vlogging. I keep waiting for the right time to write about my health conditions, but that moment never seems to arrive. I’m just going to start on it now because I feel like if I don’t, I’m not ever going to do it.
I don’t know why this is so difficult for me, writing about  my health. Maybe because WordPress is a place I enjoy and go to get my mind off of my health problems? Probably so. But I really think it’s a necessary evil to do this because I want to find other people who have the same conditions. In this post I will talk about the worst (in my opinion) first.

I have Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia. Technically these are two separate conditions, but one caused the other so I generally group them together.
Chiari Malformation is a condition that I have had since birth. (It’s like this for anyone. Either you are born with it or you’re not. This is not something that can just happen to someone randomly). Only, I didn’t know I had it until 2009. I was 29 when an MRI found the syrinx in my spinal cord, hence how I found out I have Chiari Malformation.

What are these two strange and hard to pronounce conditions, you are wondering. (Unless you suffer from one or both, or know someone else who does).

Chiari Malformation is a condition where the brain does not have enough room in the bottom part of the skull, so it is pushed downward through the opening that allows the spinal cord/spine to connect to the brain/cranium. (I’m trying not to use too many medical terms because you will probably be even more confused). Another reason I hate talking about this is because it’s so hard for me to describe.
Anyway, in my case, my brain was being forced down so much that it was putting pressure on my spinal cord, which caused the syrinx. A syrinx is a hole in the spinal cord that becomes filled with spinal fluid. The spinal fluid is supposed to surround the spinal cord to act as a sort of cushion to protect it. So my brain caused my spinal cord to start taking in fluid because the fluid had no where else to go since it couldn’t flow freely due to the bottom part of my brain being in the way.

There’s more to it, obviously but you get the idea. Three weeks after I found out about the Syrinx, I was having brain surgery. The surgery I had is called Posterior Fossa Decompression with Duraplasty and Laminectomy. More strange words that are confusing.

Basically, the neurosurgeon and his team opened the back of my neck all the way up to the crown of my head, took a piece of my skull away, cut part of C-1 and C-2 sections of my spine (neck), opened the Dura (protective sac that surrounds the brain), patched a piece of synthetic dura in to enlarge it, left the section of my skull out and stapled my head back together. I made this sound much simpler than it was also, but you get the idea.

I was in ICU for 3 days, in the hospital for around a week. The time after the surgery in ICU was the most horrible thing I have ever experienced. The pain was 10 times worse than the word excruciating can even come close to describing.

After I had been home recovering for about 6 weeks, I began having horrible headaches. I will give details if anyone wants them in a different post, just comment, but I ended up having Chemical Meningitis and THEN another brain surgery. That time I was stuck in the hospital for about a month.

I think that’s all I’m going to reveal for now, but please let me know if you want me to elaborate on anything. If you have or know of these conditions, please comment. Nobody understands what I have gone/am going through because I don’t know anyone else who has.

If you would like to know more of my story or have questions please feel free to ask. I don’t mind telling in detail, I just don’t want to get too specific if no one is going to read or get anything out of it.

Hope you are all well. Kat

The Vlogging Has Begun

So. I have pushed aside my anxiety and posted my first vlog on YouTube. It’s really only a partial blog because my son interrupted me and I couldn’t figure out how to like pause the recording or whatever. Plus I’m recording from my tablet and it’s case makes a lovely circle-ish thing in front of the lens. Plus I have bad lighting. Future videos will be filmed in a different room and will hopefully turn out better. Anyway, I’m still considering a camcorder. Probably a good idea if I’m seriously going to vlog. Right?
So, if you wanna go check it out, just search Addercatter on youtube. Please don’t laugh at me, remember I just started! Lol! Kat

Soundless Video of Me Being Weird and Silly at 7am while Suffering from Insomnia…

This is me being a total dork, using the quick video thingy on my tablet that I didn’t know I could use. Maybe I won’t need a camcorder after all? I don’t know. The lighting sucked, I know. Teenagers are sleeping so I only have one lamp on and it is beside me. How is the video quality? Should I just use this or purchase an actual camcorder for my vlogging? Please leave a comment with lots of helpful opinions! 🙂 Kat

My Sudden (non-original, i’m sure) Idea

So. I’m sure this is already going on with bloggers and I have not just come up with a brilliant, amazing thought ever. However, I personally have not read about or heard of it. Then again, I’m quite new to the blogging/vlogging world. So, this idea could be complete crap or totally not feasible, but please let me know how you feel about this, whether you would want to participate or not.

I was commenting to one of my blogger friends that we should start swapping cosmetic (or whatever) items. There are things I can get here in the US that some of you in other countries have mentioned you don’t have access to. So I was thinking maybe we could do item swapping or something of that nature. I do sell things on ebay and most of the time USPS First Class International shipping is not that expensive.

Also, maybe we don’t have to limit this to just bloggers from other countries. If we buy an item we don’t like, but someone else wants, maybe we can just do a trade…

I don’t know, what do you think?

Are any of you interested in trying this? Of course, we should get PO boxes or whatever, as it is never safe to publicly post your home address on the internet for ANY reason. If you read this, please at least comment “yes” or “no” just to let me know if you are interested. Or you may expand on the idea if you wish or enlighten me on any other knowledge you may have on the subject… please? Thank you much! Kat

Almost Forgot About My Daily Blogging Already!

So. I just realized that I haven’t blogged today, although I guess technically my NYE blog should count because I posted it after midnight.
Today has been a day of chilling with the teenagers and spending a ridiculous amount of time painting my nails due to boredom. I also let my 16 year old daughter and my adult step daughter go “shopping” in my makeup collection. They each took several eye shadow palettes, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and blush that I had picked up during holiday sales. Makeup makes me happy, and I love extending that happiness to my female family members. I think my makeup addiction is starting to rub off on the two of them.

The teenagers are watching some disturbing teenage show on netflix that used to air on MTV (I think), It’s called “The Hard Times of RJ Berger”. Is it inappropriate? Yes. Am I still watching it with them? For reasons unknown…yes.

I don’t have a lot to say tonight for some reason. I think I am just enjoying the day. Nothing pressing to do. Tomorrow I have to package and ship a few items that sold on eBay over the weekend but that’s it!

I am seriously considering starting my YouTube vlogs soon. I have my eyes on a camcorder but I haven’t quite made the commitment yet. What do you think? Should I do it? Any advice on choosing a camcorder? Which one do you use if you vlog? Here are pics of the nails I just did. They are still a little messy as I haven’t wiped the mistakes off yet. (I coat my skin with Aquaphor before painting so if I get polish on my skin, it will wipe right off) I just haven’t moved from my chair since I started painting them. I realllllly like the chunky glitter nails and am thinking about doing all 10 nails in that polish. Should I?



Ignore the teenager in the background (on the couch) and the shoes/other random teenager items on the floor please. Bye!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe time! We just got back home from the big celebration downtown. The band was great, the weather was freezing and the fireworks were amazing. The teenagers (16 year old girl, 14 year old and 13 year old boys) had so much fun. They danced and took lots of pictures and videos and acted silly. It was so much fun to watch them and I feel extremely happy and content right now.  They are all in the kitchen making breakfast at 1:30 in the morning!

I love love love my kids! I’m so happy they get along and have good times together. This was definitely a NYE they will remember forever, and I hope they will look back each year as adults and remember how much fun they had together.

I don’t really do New Year resolutions, but if I have to choose a reasonable one, it will be this: I am going to try to blog every day this year, which I should be able to do easily in theory… we shall see. I have an elf haul, ulta, and a few reviews coming up!

What are your New Year resolutions, if any? How was your NYE? Did you do anything fun or just stay inside where it’s warm? Please do tell….