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3am and I’m Wide Awake…

And the baby is sound asleep. He has been since about 10 last night. This is ridiculous!  I should be taking advantage of every second of sleep I can get, because nighttime sleep is rare these days. But Insomnia doesn’t care. Having a new baby means nothing to Insomnia. So I will be dead tired during the day, as usual, and wishing for a few moments of rest. Why is it so much easier for me to sleep  during the day???

Anyway, I thought I would take this opportunity to write a little bit and share this very adorable picture of Addy and Baby EC…


Please excuse the mess in the background.  It’s mostly just baby stuff, which has completely taken over the whole house. Who knew one tiny little being could take up so much space?!

Addy loves the baby. She seems very protective of him. If Baby EC is crying, Addy will follow me around and constantly meow until EC calms down. She also likes to sit on my lap with him. I was worried about how she would adjust, but it just seemed natural for her.

I should try to get some rest again. My alarm will go off in 2 hours and my day will begin. It feels good to be writing, and thank you for reading even though this post has been a boring one. I have plenty of exciting and interesting things to share, but my brain isn’t functioning well enough at the moment for any of that!


My sleeping burrito 😀


Soundless Video of Me Being Weird and Silly at 7am while Suffering from Insomnia…

This is me being a total dork, using the quick video thingy on my tablet that I didn’t know I could use. Maybe I won’t need a camcorder after all? I don’t know. The lighting sucked, I know. Teenagers are sleeping so I only have one lamp on and it is beside me. How is the video quality? Should I just use this or purchase an actual camcorder for my vlogging? Please leave a comment with lots of helpful opinions! 🙂 Kat