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Attitude & Gratitude #3

Attitude 1- I have effing CRAMPS and they hurt SO bad… not to mention I think I may bleed to death soon. I’m praying for early menopause… who does that???

Gratitude- um… uh… oh, I know! I was able to have my children because of my womanly innards that now only serve the purpose of being a sick device of torture once a month

Attitude 2- Mostly because of attitude 1, I have been extremely irritable for the past two days, not only to everyone around me, but myself also.

Gratitude- I haven’t gone through with any homicidal thoughts… yet…

Attitude 3- Within 24 hours, 2 of my favorite drinking glasses got broken. I did the first one by bumping into the dish drainer while trying to sweep the floor (awkward-clumsiness is a multi-daily occurrence for me)
The second one happen as I was laying down to take a nap. I had just gotten my mind calm when I heard a disastrous crash in the kitchen. Two seconds later the cat flew into my room, her eyes huge and tail fluffed up.
From what I could tell (stuff on the counter by the sink knocked over, tea spilled everywhere, broken glass all over the floor, cat prints on counter… Addy had been trying to get on top of the fridge… and was apparently unsuccessful. (She is also awkward and clumsy)

Gratitude- at least I didn’t cut myself… and the cat didn’t injure herself either (I checked her immediately before cleaning the mess up)