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Attitude & Gratitude #3

Attitude 1- I have effing CRAMPS and they hurt SO bad… not to mention I think I may bleed to death soon. I’m praying for early menopause… who does that???

Gratitude- um… uh… oh, I know! I was able to have my children because of my womanly innards that now only serve the purpose of being a sick device of torture once a month

Attitude 2- Mostly because of attitude 1, I have been extremely irritable for the past two days, not only to everyone around me, but myself also.

Gratitude- I haven’t gone through with any homicidal thoughts… yet…

Attitude 3- Within 24 hours, 2 of my favorite drinking glasses got broken. I did the first one by bumping into the dish drainer while trying to sweep the floor (awkward-clumsiness is a multi-daily occurrence for me)
The second one happen as I was laying down to take a nap. I had just gotten my mind calm when I heard a disastrous crash in the kitchen. Two seconds later the cat flew into my room, her eyes huge and tail fluffed up.
From what I could tell (stuff on the counter by the sink knocked over, tea spilled everywhere, broken glass all over the floor, cat prints on counter… Addy had been trying to get on top of the fridge… and was apparently unsuccessful. (She is also awkward and clumsy)

Gratitude- at least I didn’t cut myself… and the cat didn’t injure herself either (I checked her immediately before cleaning the mess up)

New – My Daily Post

So I’ve decided to commit (again) to posting daily. I’ve realized that my randomness and lack of consistent topics may have been one of my setbacks.

So I give you: My Daily Attitude/Gratitude List

The theory is to write a gratitude list daily… you know, to remind myself what I’m grateful of… not a unique idea right.

But the Attitude part of the list will include my rants of the day. This way I get it out of my system, you guys will probably get some laughs at the expense of my awkwardness, unfortunate timing and all around bad luck… daily.

See… it’s a win-win!

Sometimes I might try to incorporate photos, but I’m blogging thru my phone right now which already makes it 1000 times more difficult than it really should be.

Shall we begin? Ok.


1- I woke around 3 this morning to an odd noise in my bedroom… kak kak kaaaak kkkaaaapppllleck!  Kak kak kak kak….kak kak kak kkkaaaapppllleck! Any guesses? Yep. The cat puked on my bed. Twice. I had to clean the messes, put the blanket in the washer, make sure the poor kitty was finished yakking, and find a replacement blanket for the rest of my sleep time.

Gratitude- The kitty is okay. She’s not sick. After investigating the puke, I determined the cause to be hairballs. (Wait… the investigation should be in the attitude part…)

Attitude 2- I discovered an infestation of gnats in my new home. I had to spray around all the windows and outside doors, google how to get rid of gnats, and prepare traps consisting of balsamic vinegar, dish soap and water in containers. I put the strainers from my sinks on top of the containers since I had no cling wrap to poke holes in as google suggested.

Gratitude- I am finally in my new place! And I was genius enough to think of using sink strainers for my gnat traps!

Attitude 3- my insomnia is raging for some reason.  Even my sleeping meds aren’t phasing me one bit. I’m so tired and irritable…

Gratitude- I have Netflix and Candy Crush to keep me company during the vampirish hours. Also,  I’ve been experimenting with my gigantic makeup collection. Who says you can’t put on a full face of makeup at 2am for no reason?

Ok. That’s enough for now. I’m sooooo sleepy that my eyes are all blurry.

Is this idea dumb? Any suggestions?  How could I be more entertaining for you? ^..^ Kat