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A Tragic Love Story – Chapter One

She was 29 years old. Full of life, despite a troublesome past, she had contentment for once. She had found someone who she thought she belonged with. He was part of a motorcycle club, and she enjoyed the excitement of the lifestyle. They had recently moved in together in a nice house in a suburb of a big city. There was always something going on. She got a job in the UA department of a company that specialized in the treatment of alcoholics and addicts. Her name was Kasper.

Kasper was on a camping trip with her boyfriend and a few other friends when she got the call about the job with the UA department. A lady named Rita had interviewed her a few days prior, and she was the one who called with the good news. She asked how soon Kasper could come into the office to fill out the paperwork. Kasper explained that she was camping about an hour and a half away, but that she would be there as soon as possible.

Kasper looked at her boyfriend, Mac. Mac was very tall and skinny, but a biker in every sense of the word. His long blond hair was tied back and a bandana topped his head. His blue eyes were piercing. Nevermind that he was 19 years her senior, Kasper believed that age was only a number.

“Who was that,” Mac asked.
“I got the job,” Kasper replied with a big smile. “I have to go fill out all my paperwork so I can start tomorrow!”

Mac looked annoyed, but offered to drive Kasper back into the city. Kasper didn’t think much about his reaction, she was too excited about the job. She was ready to get back into the workforce after being off for what she considered way too long, after having a complicated surgery.