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About Addycat

I am a girl cat. I’m 4 years old and am beuuuuutiful grey with big yellow eyes! My purrents named me Addy because the tall one with the furry face who lets me play rough with him and give hard biteys on his paws, thought I had some kind of cat-ADD when I was a lil kitten!

Before the tall furry faced human got me, I was born to a precious Siamese named Oddish, who is the cat of the furiend of the tall furry faced human. My brofurs and sisfurs all got adopted before me at 6 weeks and I was feeling sad because, although I loved being with mom, there were some really big woofies at that house, and other big purries too. They scare me.

What I didn’t know at the time was, I really had already been adopted, I just had to wait until the tall furry faced human’s wife got out of the  human stabby place to go to my new home. The wife had gotten something done to her head at the stabby place and was there a very long time. The only thing she wanted when she got out of the stabby place was a kitteh and talked about it nonstop whenever she had visitors in the stabby place!

So even though I felt like nobody wanted to adopt me, and that I’d be miserable furever with those big woofies, I had a destiny!
The tall furry faced human had made arrangements to get me the very day that his wife got out of the stabby place!
That day was the best day of my life! The tall furry faced human’s wife was very frail and sick still, but when she saw me, a huge smile lit her face and she gently picked me up and snuggled me and I knew that this would be my new meowmy.

Lots of stuff has happened since that moment! I decided I would like to try to write in a blog like Meowmy, so she has lent me her tablet to see what I come up with! I am very creative you know, because I’m a cat. I hope to post a lot more than Meowmy has lately, she’s been slackin. I know I can do better!!!  If you have questions or comments or whatefur, leave them for me and I’ll answer as soon as I can. I’m still trying to figure how to do this and how to make my bloggie fun and interactive!!!
That’s all fur now, I’m off for a nap. Or to ask Meowmy for some of my new treats that I just had some of. I can see the package… maybe I shouldn’t bother Meowmy with it, she looks tired. Maybe I should just get them myself, I know I can do it without Meowmy’s help. What do you think???

Have a Purrrfect Day!

PS I’m thinking I need a nappy… look how sleepy I am!!!