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Look What I Got!!!


I just got home from a Dr. Appointment and Walgreens. While picking up my scripts, I noticed the Nearly Naked display. I chose the color “Nude”.
It cost $9.99 but I was able to use my rewards points on it! Also, all Revlon products were BOGO half off!!! I am going to do a first impression review on my YouTube channel. My YouTube user name is also Addercatter. Have you tried this yet? What do you think? Kat

Mini Drugstore Haul-ish Preview

So. I went to the doctor (well, one of my doctors’) today and he gave me a prescription for a different med to try. I stopped by the nearest Walgreens, cuz that’s where I fill my prescriptions. The girl at the pharmacy counter told me it was going to be about an hour before I could pick the prescription up. Ok, I will wait. You know what happens next. Yep… so here they are:


On the left- Tweezerman LTD slant tweezers in…. breast cancer pink!!! Even has the little ribbons all over it! I couldn’t resist, especially since I have heard other people’s opinions of the regular Tweezerman tweezers. And… it was on SALE!

Next, I got the Goody Simple Styles spin pin pack in “Dark Hair”. I’ve been curious about these, but not $8 curious. These were 75% off.

Then, the Sally Hansen Vita B Lip Moisturizer in “Clear, Berry”. I got this because it is new, my lips were very chapped, and it was…. on SALE! I have already opened and tried this. It tastes AWFUL. It reminds me of the way chlorine water from a swimming pool tasted when I was a kid and got dunked… blech. It feels ok, kind of waxy. I’m glad I paid around a dollar for this because I don’t care for it.

On to the hand soap. This is Studio 35’s Limited Edition Butter Shortbread Liquid Hand Soap. I got this because it smells sooooo good. And it was a dollar.

On the bottom… from Studio 35, again, 50 clasp-free ponytail holders. I am constantly losing these things, and for $2.49 for 50 of them… no brainer. The colors, if you can’t see them well in the pic above, are white, pink, red, orange, turquoise, purple, navy, ad black. They are quite stretchy and seem strong enough.


Ok, here is what you have been waiting for. At the top- a palate of eyeshadows!!! This is “Sultry & Neutrals” by Profusion. I bought this for $4.99. I have had VERY good luck with Profusion lately. This palette looks like it might be trying to dupe the “Naked” palettes. I did buy a similar one, in “Midnight Fever” a few weeks ago and LOVE it. I will do reiews on both once I have tried the new one out.

Anyway, there are 10 eyeshadows in this nice quality case… it is cardboard (what do you expect for this price), but it is very smooth on the outside. And it has magnetic closure!!! There is also a mirror on the lid when you open the flap up. It comes with a generic applicator, but also a black eyeliner.  I will post a pic at the bottom of the two palettes together.

On the left is another Profusion gem. These are the “Color Canvas” collection. I have found them in 3 different shades. I grabbed this one because it was the only one left. If you ever see these anywhere,  BUY THEM. They are $1.99 and are soooo very pigmented. They have 3 large eyeshadow pans and 7 smaller ones, but you are getting a LOT of product in there. Super amazing quality. This palette has different shimmery colors, but the other two I have are completely different. They are all great. I will review them soon also.

And last… I saw this EOS “Alice in Wonderland” lip balm gift pack. There is “Watermelon Wonderland”, “Sweet Vanilla Nonsense”, and “Blueberry Potion”. Who can resist that? Especially…. ON SALE!!!

Let me know if you have tried any of these! If so, what did you think? Have you ever heard of or seen the Profusion palettes before?
Here are the pics: