Random Thought

I remember my grandfather teaching me how to play gin-rummy. He taught me a lot of things really. I was always in awe of how much he knew about various subjects. Things he had learned over the course of his life, things perhaps his grandfather had taught him.

For some reason I started thinking about it today, and something struck me. In today’s world, all we have to do to learn about any given subject is type a few words into Google. The abundance of information is great, don’t get me wrong, but it makes me a little sad to know that the days of relying so heavily on the people we look up to, to teach us the things we desire to know, are past.

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I am a mother and a kitty cat lover. I'm a little girlie and a lot geeky. I would do anything in the world for my children. I've been described with many words, ranging from compassionate to mysterious. I suppose I am a complex person, an old soul from my birth. There is a depth to me that no one has ever come close to experiencing, and probably never will. I wanted so much to become a nurse. I've always wanted to help others. Unfortunately, my life took a very different path. I have a lot of health issues which have left me disabled. That won't stop me from helping other people whenever and however possible. Please, please follow me. You won't be disappointed, I promise! View all posts by Eli's Mommy

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