Writing While Under The Influence…

Of pain pills and sleeping meds.

Today was mostly uneventful,  aside from the PayPal fiasco this morning.

What, you may wonder, was the PayPal fiasco? (Probably you’re not wondering that at all, but I’m gonna tell you anyway)

I ordered a new phone from eBay a couple of days ago, and PayPal wouldn’t let me use my debit card to complete my transaction for some still unknown reason. So… I decided to put the money on a prepaid PayPal card. Of course, my luck is ridiculously bad most of the time… so I ended up having to jump through a trillion hoops to finally get the damn thing to work. (That number might be a tiny bit exaggerated).

Why can’t anything ever just go smoothly and easily?

Things like that really get me worked up, to the point where my head feels like it is buzzing… and not in a good way.

I know I need to go back on anxiety meds, but healthcare where I live sucks. I’m not willing to go through that level of stress just yet because I know it’s going to overwhelm me and ultimately pissed me off to the point of snapping, before I will actually be able to get the help I need.

Anyway. Here is a picture of dinner tonight… Meat Lasagna,  Garlic Bread, and a salad with purple onion, peppered tomatoes and radishes.


There is no real significance to this, other than I like my posts to contain at least one photo. Addycat wasn’t being an agreeable subject, so the inanimate food became my target instead.

I started writing this, thinking something profound might appear on the screen, but alas… I have just watched the cursor blink for thirty consecutive seconds.

Great. A blinking blue cursor is more interesting than any of the jumbled thoughts in my brain.

At least I’m writing again. I keep telling myself that I need to write each day, even if I have nothing to say. The trouble is, whoever happens to read these posts are bound to get bored and not read anymore. Then when or if I ever do write something interesting,  important and profound, there will be no one left to read it. Sigh. Such a dilemma…

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I am a mother and a kitty cat lover. I'm a little girlie and a lot geeky. I would do anything in the world for my children. I've been described with many words, ranging from compassionate to mysterious. I suppose I am a complex person, an old soul from my birth. There is a depth to me that no one has ever come close to experiencing, and probably never will. I wanted so much to become a nurse. I've always wanted to help others. Unfortunately, my life took a very different path. I have a lot of health issues which have left me disabled. That won't stop me from helping other people whenever and however possible. Please, please follow me. You won't be disappointed, I promise! View all posts by Eli's Mommy

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