Caturday Night


Happy Caturday Night evfurryone!


I was bored, so I decided to do a little grooming…


Grooming is a lot of work!


It makes me furry sleepy…


Nite nite furiends!

Sandpaper kissies, Addycat

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13 responses to “Caturday Night

  • Timothy Price

    Our kitties think we are silly to take baths and showers. They think all we need to do is go out and roll in the dirt, and then lick ourselves clean.

    • addercatter

      That IS all you need to do!!!- Addy

      Addy always sits on the edge of the tub when I take a shower… and links the water off the shower curtain… -Kat

      • Argus

        We had to pussy-sit a Persian once.
        I was soaking in the bath when cat came in, jumped up on the edge and slid straight on in. Luckily it was a lot cooler by then (I like loooong soaks) but the scrawny wee soggy object I promptly fished out bore little resemblance to the magnificat madame that had jumped up …

      • addercatter

        It’s funny how different they look when they are wet! Addy got sprayed by a skunk once when we lived iin OKC, in our own back yard! I had to give her multiple showers… not fun! But I wish I would have taken pictures because she looked so funny, if not pathetic!

      • Argus

        Skunk, yuk. Poor kitty … poor you~!

      • addercatter

        Yes, it took about 3 weeks for the smell to dissipate from the house! As soon as she got sprayed, Addy ran right through the living room before I realized what had happened. ..

  • tvkapherr (Cats at the Bar)

    Love the closing shot. So peaceful from a hard days lick. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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