A Situation with Pain Management

So… I’ve been procrastinating making this post… but I have come to terms with the fact that I don’t know what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I’ve been going to pain mgmt for around 3 years. Last year I moved and had to find a new pain dr in my new state. I waited 4 months to get into this place… my first visit was GREAT. The Dr said she wanted to help me, that she would read up about my conditions that she was unfamiliar with, that we would keep my medications the same until she came up with a better treatment plan that would help better than just the meds I was on.
That was the ONLY time this Dr saw me in 8 months.  Oh, I drove the 2 hours each way every month, but was only seen by a nurse, required to take a urine drug test, and given med refills, even though I requested each time to see the dr.

A few months ago I noticed I was having extreme side effects and found that I was no longer taking 15mg oxycodone tablets, but that I had been taking 30 mg tablets. I asked the nurse if that was right… she said yes… but I KNOW for a fact all the ones I’d had before we’re 15mg tablets. So this place either screwed up or they upped my dose without my knowledge.

So about 2 weeks ago I went to my monthly appointment,  this time determined not to leave until I saw the actual doctor.  I had made up my mind to ask for a referral to someone else because obviously I was unhappy for several reasons. When the nurse took me back to get my vitals I told her right away that I needed to see the doctor and that I wanted to be referred somewhere else.
So the doctor finally comes in after e hours and tells me that my last drug screen tested positive for hydrocodone which I do not take. She said it was an amount equal to 1 hydrocodone pill. I told her I do not ever take anything but what is prescribed to me period, that I was not happy that she had only seen my the very first visit,  and that I needed a referral somewhere else. She wouldn’t say anything except to accuse me of taking hydrocodone and yelling at me that I needed to tell her where I got it. After yelling the same thing 3 times she told the nurse I needed to leave. She looked at me, told me to find someone else and that I needed to leave now. I asked twice if she would refill my scripts until I could find another doctor. She ignored me both times. The nurse told me to go sit in the waiting room. An hour later the receptionist called me to the desk, gave me a letter of “dismissal” because I had “used medication that didn’t belong to me” and a tapering off prescription with a ridiculous timeline considering the amounts of meds and duration I’ve taken them.

I got home and looked at the copy of the drug test. It did NOT show a positive result for hydrocodone,  but it was positive for a small amount of Norhydrocodone which is a metabolite of hydrocodone.  However under the result it said that small amounts of NORHYDROCODONE can be found in patients who take oxycodone,  which I do. Internet searches have confirmed this for me.

So much for the fucking hyppocratic oath with this dr!!!

What would you do in this situation? I know I need a new pain dr, which will probably take months…

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30 responses to “A Situation with Pain Management

  • prayingforoneday

    I don’t know how medical things work there but here the Dr has NO RIGHT to ask for blood tests for say Cannabis. I am upfront with my Dr about me smoking cannabis and he is fine with it. Scotland kinda is..
    Why you think this drug flagged?
    Sorry you having a hard time.. x

  • Timothy Price

    Wow. Sounds like that Dr has some issues herself. I’ve never heard of being drug tested to see a doctor. Is this common with pain management or something new with the ACA? Unfortunately, it sounds like you are on your own to find a new doctor. She obviously didn’t want to deal with you as she I think she would know the positive byproduct was from your prescription oxycodone.

  • hairballexpress

    So sorry your Dr. is hassling you so much. Sounds like someone in her office made a mistake and isn’t owning up to it. I would see if other patients have complaints of similar incidences and talk to the Medical Association

    • addercatter

      Thanks for the great advice, Shrimp! Monday morning I am going to start the process, and finding out about other patient complaints is an excellent idea!!! Oh… Addycat did a post earlier that might interest you…

      • hairballexpress

        Why thank you, human. Glad you found it helpful. I’ll bet you’re not the first one this has happened to at that clinic!

        I’ll check out Addy’s post asap. The human has been sick since Thursday and I’ve had my paws full comforting her and taking care of her!* (purrs)*

  • tvkapherr

    I agree with Shrimp. Here in Canada we have Socialized Medicare. Your doctor would loose her license for that behavior!

  • Marty the Manx

    Well you are going to have to find someone to fill your RX so you don’t get withdrawals even if it is a GP. Next I would report this physician to the medical board and in a stated way as how you posted here. There is a possibility you aren’t the first to have this issue. Hit the internet and see what other pain doctors there are in your area. Hang in there, is there any docs that are tied into the hospital like we have with our research hospitals?
    Marty’s Mom

    • addercatter

      Thank you so much for your advice! So far, on a couple of those doctor review sites, there have been 2 other people since 2011 who have given this dr negative reviews because of a drug test coming up false positive and the Dr treating them the same way… except they both lied so they could keep getting their meds!!!

      • Marty the Manx

        Please report this doc though. This behavior is not acceptable. So sorry you have to go through this. Here in the Midwest we are pretty lucky since we have University of Nebraska right here and they have a great teaching hospital and fantastic pain clinic.

      • addercatter

        Yes I am going to do that tomorrow morning for sure. You know, I’ve heard from people who live in Canada, Scotland, etc… All of them have really really good health care systems. For a country that was supposedly “the best” for some time in the past, things sure do seem to be going downhill at a tremendous speed. It’s sad.

  • markbialczak

    I think it would be a good idea to find that doctor’s boss. Go up the ladder to a review board or medical association and tell them this exact story. Hang in there, Adder.

  • Mental Mama

    Find a new doc STAT and find out who to send a very strongly worded letter to, probably the state medical board.

    Good luck. *HUGS*

  • pouringmyartout

    This sucks. I wish I had some advice for you.

  • juliasarahelizabeth

    So sorry you are experiencing such a difficult situation. I have never had anyone who went to pain specialists say very much of anything positive. I know exactly what you are going through. A couple of years ago, I was advised by my sleep specialist to go to the emergency room as I was experiencing extreme fatigue. I felt horrible, my body hurt (I was then classified as having FMS rather than a complete diagnosis of RA which only showed up in my labs about a year ago). I cried out of frustration. The doctor accussed me of being a drug seeker. Ummmm, drug seekers usually ask for pain meds. All I wanted was to find the answer to my extreme fatigue. Really sounds like I was drug seeking, doesn’t it! The dr ran 130 labs, but didn’t look at my wellness panel. My sleep specialist took a look at the results and noticed my blood iron was low. She ran a ferritin study to check my stored iron levels. She said it was so low and probably worse the day in the ER, she really wanted me to be admitted.
    Then there was the time I went to a new Rheumatologist and told him how I did not appreciate the receptionist’s rudeness (blatant rudeness). He started the exam and then decided he wasn’t going to do anything for me. He said, “Get dressed and get out.” When my husband and I stepped out of the exam room to leave, he was standing around telling co workers what happened. My husband very loudly said, “You are the worst doctor I have ever met and don’t deserve the title.” We kept walking, but the doctor threatened to get security. Two weeks later I got the same type of letter you mentioned and a bill for the appointment. I spoke to the finance dept of his practice and told the woman what happened. She agreed that the dr was wrong. She dismissed my bill completely. The dr still filed with my insurance and got paid for the appointment.

    • addercatter

      I don’t understand how some of these doctors can treat their patients… CUSTOMERS… so badly, or how they can even stay in business like this. Unfortunately, too many people place too much trust in doctors and just go along with whatever the doctor says. If more people would stand up for themselves and make doctors be accountable, maybe this wouldn’t happen so often.

  • Argus

    If it were me and could—if required—prove my statements I’d have no qualms about stating the name of that Medico and her establishment in a blog.

    If you don’t want the hassle then just flush her. Press the button and WOOOSH she’s all gone; onwards and upwards.

    In the meantime you’ve just invited me to do a post of my own (don’t worry, unless permitted there’ll be no reference to you) with my thoughts on current ‘medical’ practises. It will be soon(ish) but don’t wait up.

    In the meantime there’s got to be a good one out there …

    • addercatter

      Doctor shopping is frustrating! I am going to see a geneticist this Tuesday, I’m hoping they will help me out with all that!
      I think i might write a post about my experiences with that pain mgmt doctor and definitely include her name and name of the practice. If i can keep even one person from making the same mistake that i did, it will be worth it, thanks! Feel free to mention me if you like, I have no problems with that 🙂

  • nikki nikole

    john hopkins did me the exact same way because I wouldn’t let the dr lie on my records. When I confronted dr.saddiq mahmoud about what was put in my records she fired me from the practice. These doctors are something else i tell you

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