Addycat’s First Review & Stuff

Addycat here! I know I just wrote in the bloggie this morning but Meowmie was looking at the pic of me that I posted and noticed I was laying on my Da Bird toy.

Meowmie does lots of reviews about colordy stuff she smears on hers face, and other weird human stuffs like that. Meowmie says I can do reviews fur some of my stuffs too!!! I’m so excited!!!

So here is my furry furst review! On Da Bird Cat Toy!!!


Da Bird is a 3 foot (foot? Shouldn’t it be paw? I don’t know but that’s what it said on the package) plastic 1 piece pole. Attached to the pole is a stretchy stringy about the same length. Tied to the string is a purrfect, sturdy birdie FEATHER thing!!!

When Meowmie makes it fly around, the feathery flies around just like a birdie!!! Meowmie says it moves like that because it is made with a fishing swively thingy like humans use on the fishing poles to catch fishies. (I guess their claws aren’t sharp enough?)

Da Bird is lots of funs. I like to chew on the feathers and they haven’t braked yet… usually I make things deadded fast but Da Bird is still alive!!! I like to carry it in my mouth by its string (I love stringies, they are one of my furvorite toys efur) and chew on the pole too!

Meowmie says she got it furry cheap on something called Amazon and that there are refills you can buys in case your kitteh makes the one that came with it deadded!

Before Da Bird I didn’t like store bought toys. I only played with shoestrings and my favfurite long rainbowy stringy. But Da Bird is almost as fun as rainbowy stringie!!! Can you believe it?

I give Da Bird 4 toebeans up (the highest I can give becuz… no thumbs…) and would recommend it to efurrybody!!!

So how did I do on my furst review? Should I do more? What else should I bloggie about?

Purrs, Addycat

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