NaBloPoMo Day 4

Wow. This is harder than I thought… getting a post in before midnight. I just looked at the clock and panicked!!!

I really need to get myself organized with this because again, I’m just writing whatever comes to mind.

I awoke this morning to loud crashing noises. No, not noise… noises. Plural. Something caused Addycat to go crazy. She was tearing through the house, knocking things off nightstands and end tables and the kitchen counter

I got up to find out what was going on of course, but only found the wild-eyed feline sitting in the living room, staring at a blank wall. I made sure she had food and water, petted her a bit, then went back to bed.

I drifted back off for a few minutes, only to be awakened again… this time Addycat was walking on me. Not walking over me… walking ON me, on my legs, my stomach, my chest,  my face and back. She’s never done that before… it was very strange.

She’s very sensitive to when I’m feeling really sick or when I’m upset. She’s never been a lap cat, but when she knows I’m not well she never leaves my side. She will follow me everywhere and lay with me in bed until I get up.

She’s very special to me. I can’t imagine life without her. She’s my Therapy Cat!

About Eli's Mommy

I am a mother and a kitty cat lover. I'm a little girlie and a lot geeky. I would do anything in the world for my children. I've been described with many words, ranging from compassionate to mysterious. I suppose I am a complex person, an old soul from my birth. There is a depth to me that no one has ever come close to experiencing, and probably never will. I wanted so much to become a nurse. I've always wanted to help others. Unfortunately, my life took a very different path. I have a lot of health issues which have left me disabled. That won't stop me from helping other people whenever and however possible. Please, please follow me. You won't be disappointed, I promise! View all posts by Eli's Mommy

5 responses to “NaBloPoMo Day 4

  • Rene

    Hey, I know this isn’t related, but getting ready to get off in a minute. Just found out I was cut, $11, but never got the infamous letter. My postman probably tossed it. Harry Reid, our Senator, just said that Nevadans would not suffer a cut in food stamps. Then I got on the actual Nevada Food Stamp page and it listed the cuts. Not going to break me, and nothing as bad as yours (I am sorry!), but to be told your representatives are going to protect you, and you still get cuts, well…another reason I don’t vote anymore.

    • addercatter

      Yeah nice huh! Voting doesn’t matter anymore. Republicans… Democrats… it doesn’t matter. Now it’s all the same. The government is going to continue doing what it wants until We the People take a stand… and voting isn’t the way to do it. It won’t do a damn thing.

      • Rene

        Well, what I have come to the conclusion of is this: we might really like a person when they are running for Mayor or the like, but once they get up in the political ladder, far enough that they are running for Senator or Congressman, they are too into the political machine, no matter what their party, and are already lost to the people. Russell Brand said this as well. I do think he stole it from me, but I am sure he will get the royalties.

      • addercatter

        Everyone has an agenda. We must always remember that.

  • addercatter

    Sleeping with all lights on from now on!!!

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