Living in The Fire Swamp of EDS

This is a very good comparison of a fabulous movie to life with EDS!

Our Life with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome


Fire Spurts and Lightning Sand and R.O.U.S.’s! Oh, my!

The Princess Bride is a true classic and one of the best movies ever (IMHO).  You might think me crazy but I have come to realize this fan favorite contains a helpful illustration of life with EDS…

You remember the Fire Swamp – it is where Westley and Buttercup escape from the frying pan into the fire and where Westley tries to convince Buttercup that the very real dangers (Flame Spurts, Lightening Sand and Rodents of Unusual Size, aka, R.O.U.S.’s) they face are no big deal.



At first, living in the Fire Swamp, like EDS, seems impossible (inconceivable, even) and downright terrifying. You hear all the horror stories about it and you start to believe that it would be impossible to come out of the Fire Swamp alive, let alone unscathed. The dangers, regardless of how Westley gallantly tries…

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