Things I Collect: Part 1

So I’ve decided to do a series of posts on things I collect.  I collect a lot of different things, mostly because these things make me happy!

Being chronically ill and being unable to do a lot of things I once enjoyed, these collections help fill some of the void I have from being mostly homebound, especially during cold or rainy weather. (Which has recently started where I am… cold and rainy. I’m afraid Autumn weather won’t last long if at all).

I’m going to show a partial collection today, because some of them are still packed away from the move. The most special and unique ones are still in a box, but I will get them out as soon as I am up to the challenge 🙂

So I suppose you’re wondering what this collection is…


This is a part of my chopstick collection! The best are yet to come, but these ones are pretty cool too.

I actually use these chopsticks a lot… but not as eating utensils (I have regular ones for dining in my kitchen. Those ones are plain and uninteresting. )

These are the chopsticks I use to put my hair up with sometimes, in different ways. One of my fellow bloggers, Anouchka from LifeOfBun, actually asked me to do this post. She uses chopsticks in her hair too, and has a great tutorial on some of her styles here!


These aren’t technically chopsticks, but I stuck them in here anyway. They are called hairsticks. They are a bit difficult to work with because  their width and my thick hair don’t cooperate. But they are so adorable I don’t mind a little frustration to make them work!


These are made of a special kind of wood… I forgot which kind, but they came in a set a friend brought feom Japan. I love the shape of the tops!


These are quite unique and have lots of different colors and textures. I wasn’t able to capture all of their amazingness with my camera…


These are plastic chopsticks… I love the black base and the colorful contrasts towards the tops. I wear these a lot too.


These came from an Asian restaurant in Chinatown years ago when I went to San Francisco for a few weeks. I don’t own many clothing items that match these, but I love the gold detailing so I wear them anyways!


These are one of my favorite sets. They are shorter than most of the others and much simpler to use, plus they are lovely, I think!



These last two are from the wooden set from Japan. They have interesting patterns. The thing about the Japanese set is that the chopsticks are very long. I wear them on occasion but they are troublesome and I always end up poking myself during use. I really want to use a dremel tool or something to shorten them up, then they would be a joy to wear!

Even though I don’t get out much anymore, I still use these some. Plus I have them arranged in a vase on my nightstand so I can look at them and get instantly happy!

So that’s it for part 1 of my chopstick collection.  I can’t wait to show the rest! Several of them are super old and have history behind them 🙂

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