Want to Receive Free Stuff to Review?

Hi everyone! I receive and review different products at times from a website I was invited to join about a year ago.

The types of item I receive to try for free varies from makeup and beauty products to cleaning supplies, food, and other various things that are fun, useful and did I mention FREE?

I have been given the opportunity to invite 5 of my readers to join!!!

So… this is what I will do. If you are interested,  leave a comment with the email address you wish to set up your login information with.

I have a short window of opportunity to do this. If more than 5 of you want in, I will hold a random drawing to be fair… in 24 hours!


About Eli's Mommy

I am a mother and a kitty cat lover. I'm a little girlie and a lot geeky. I would do anything in the world for my children. I've been described with many words, ranging from compassionate to mysterious. I suppose I am a complex person, an old soul from my birth. There is a depth to me that no one has ever come close to experiencing, and probably never will. I wanted so much to become a nurse. I've always wanted to help others. Unfortunately, my life took a very different path. I have a lot of health issues which have left me disabled. That won't stop me from helping other people whenever and however possible. Please, please follow me. You won't be disappointed, I promise! View all posts by Eli's Mommy

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