New Buys: Quick essentials

Intermittent Makeup

I popped into Boots and Sephora to pick up a few essential products. It’s a short post, but here they are:


I like to use large cotton wool pads. I go through the small ones too quickly, and these feel nicer on my face. I only need one pad to take off my cleanser, and one for my toner (compared to using four or five of the smaller ones sometimes). Boots had a buy one, get one free offer, so I picked up two.

I’ve also been struggling a lot with my hair. I’ve tried a host of shampoos and nothing seems to be alleviating the dandruff at my hairline or the general greasy and limp feel to it. The Lush Big shampoo is fantastic as a clarifying shampoo, and my hair feels wonderful afterwards. But I needed an everyday. I have tried Head and Shoulders, Garnier, Lush Rehab, The…

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