This was a lot of fun!!!

Poetic Depression - Melancholy for those who need it...

Thank you Kat for finishing this poem for me!

Check out her Blog by clicking right here!!!


I stood aside the azure towers, sniffing all the bright blue flowers

Admiring the breath-taking scenery of the pristine mountains

And when I laid down in the grass, I felt a nastily presence pass

I wondered what that presence was, I craved some occlusion

“Tis probably the landlord,” I mumbled, but my craving for occlusion

Was not accurate, I concluded

Quickly I managed to get upon my feet, to stand above the silky reeds

I gazed about the scenery but nothing caught my eye.

The presence probably did not mean to arrive and leave unseen

I stood beside the towers and leaned on the corroding bricks

My companion of the night was not there as I heard the crackling of the decrepit bricks

What is this? I mumbled, I don’t fancy foolish…

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