Urban Decay Haul

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted,  mostly because I haven’t been in much of a mood to write. Plus there hasn’t been anything interesting to write about.

That is, until today. Remember the Urban Decay sale I told you about? My package arrived today!!! All the items were individually wrapped in deep Purple tissue paper. There is a ton of it! It’s such a pretty color that I decided to save it, something I don’t normally do.

Here is what I got:


The first things I got out of the UD package were a small sample card of the UD Primer Potion and a thank-you card with a $5 off coupon. I will probably stick the sample in my upcoming giveaway. Maybe the coupon also, what do you think?

Next I grabbed this:


The 24/7 Double Ended Eye Pencil set. It came with 4 colors: Uzi, Empire,  Zero and Corrupt. It also included a Grind House pencil sharpener. I have one already and will never use another sharpener, I love it so much. This one is see through plastic, though. The one I already had is the opaque UD purple. Hmmm.


Moving on. Next was this:


Yes I know I already got the double ended ones, but both sets were such a steal. I couldn’t pass either up.

This is the 24/7 Smoked Glide-on Eye Pencil set. It also has the colors Uzi, Zero and Empire, along with Demolition,  Smog and Mainline. I LOVE colored liners and have also heard these wear well in the waterline!

This is what came out next:



This is the Mariposa palette! The palette is just gorgeous and will give me some much needed color in my UD collection, which consisted of only the Naked palettes,  until now! I was a bit disappointed that it only came with 2 double-ended sponge tip applicators. They are useless in my opinion. I don’t understand why cosmetic companies,  especially higher end ones, even bother.

And lastly:



This is the Deluxe Shadow Box!!!! This is my favorite. The packaging is super cute and definitely my style! Purple velvet and silver metal… yes!!!
This also came with a mini brush and an actual sample tube of primer potion!!!

This is getting long so I will make another post with swatches. I also am super excited that I hit 100 followers yesterday!!! I am still gathering items for the giveaway, don’t worry. I will make it awesome! Keep a look out for the Giveaway Post!

Thank you so much for reading! Kat

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2 responses to “Urban Decay Haul

  • Yvane

    I have been meaning to try that Smoked Glide-on Eye Pencil set, but I have yet to figure out how to wear eyeliner so that it wouldn’t smudge on me… Cause it still does, even if I apply it over a primer.

    • addercatter

      Hmm. Have you tried setting it with a translucent powder? I use a small flat brush to push the powder under my eyes, just to the very edge of the eyeliner.
      I have also used a setting spray in the same way except gently moving on into the eyeliner with the brush. I hope that helps. (Those eyeliners are supposed to be smudge proof also…) Hugs, Kat

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