Revlon Photoready Airbrush Review: Kat’s Opinion


I recently purchased Revlon’s Photoready Airbrush foundation in 030 Nude. Before I tell you what I think of it, let me say that Revlon is one of my favorite cosmetic brands, sometimes even over high end brands.

That being said, not only am I disappointed in this foundation, I am horrified as well!

The first time I tried to use it, I had used a new moisturizer and primer at the beginning of my routine. I was waiting for my primer to dry, anxiously waiting to try this intriguing new product. I loved the concept of it and couldn’t wait for my face to be magically transformed into a perfect canvas.

When my primer was ready, I took the lid off the foundation. The pump thing is odd and I noted that it was difficult to press. It was so difficult that, when I finally managed to press hard enough, it was to hard and a whole bunch of product shot out onto the back of my hand.

I dont know how to describe the consistency other than very foamy… as soon as it comes out of the can it expands like a very watery,  bubbly mousse. It then quickly started to dissipate,  the air coming out of the product I guess. This left a very thin liquid. Ok, I can deal with that. I soon discovered that a little goes a long way.

After finishing my makeup routine, I realized I had been noticing a really disgusting smell. I can not describe the smell other than it was gross, almost like spoiled milk mixed with a dirty diaper????

I was in a rush to get Teenage Boys to practice, so we rushed out the door. The whole drive there and back I was tortured with the stench of my FACE! Trying to be logical, I thought maybe the new moisturizer,  primer,  and foundation might have had some weird chemical reaction with each other.

I promptly removed all makeup and then washed my face. Didn’t think about it for the rest of the day.

Next day: I decided to put the same foundation on, but this time I would put it directly onto my freshly washed face.
When I pulled the cap off the can, this is what I saw:


Gross, huh. I went ahead and pumped some out, dabbing it onto my forehead. Guess what. The stench was this foundation, even stronger than before.

This was by far the WORST foundation experience I have ever had. Revlon… why??? I’m so sad to have to return this product after being so excited about it.  😦

Have any of you tried the Photoready Airbrush foundation? If so, did you have the same problem? Did I just get a bad batch?

Thank you for reading as always, Kat

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8 responses to “Revlon Photoready Airbrush Review: Kat’s Opinion

  • MegzLovesBeauty

    That foundation was awful for me, as well. The stink was horrible! It streaked really bad all over my face.

    • addercatter

      Wow. I would like to say I’m glad it wasn’t just me, but I was really hoping I had just gotten a dud can. I guess my hopes of actually trying this foundation are gone. Thanks for sharing your experience. Now I know it really is a bad foundation.

      • MegzLovesBeauty

        Sadly, I think it’s the product. 😦 I’m going to be reviewing a Maybelline airbrush foundation in the next couple days, it’s not nearly as bad as this one, but definitely not a favorite.

  • producthoochie

    You should email or call Revlon. I would include the batch number, etc. in the email. Be sure to tell them you want a refund- not a coupon for a new, free one!

    • addercatter

      Thats a great idea! Ive had a few other people say theirs was disgusting also. I literally couldnt stand myself the one time I had to wear it for only an hour. Its not like it was just some kind of smell I didnt like because I dont care for the certain scent or whatever, I dont see how ANYONE could wear this on their face. Im not just being a snob about not liking the scent of the product. Something is wrong with that stuff.

  • TheOtherCandy

    If it has a smell like that then I’d guess it has liquid latex in it… which is literally my favorite thing in the world, but my least favorite smell.

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