A Trip to the Drugstore

So. Last Thursday, after dropping off Teenage Son at school, I decided to run to the post office to mail an item that had sold on eBay. On my way there I noticed I needed to stop at a gas station.

It was cold and rainy and just blah outside. I filled my  car up with gas and continued with my errand. As I was driving home, I realized it had just turned 8:00. Walgreens had just opened. I was interested in looking for a new foundation (because the Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo foundation I just bought is making my skin ridiculously dry- which I’m really sad about because I love it otherwise) and I was also needing a good hand lotion.

I entered the store and was immediately greeted excessively by three employees. I suspected one was the District Manager. Ok, so… is this just me or do you ever do this too? I can’t just like go to the makeup section and grab whatever I need. I have to look at each brand and type of whatever thing I’m needing (in this case, foundation) and compare them. This means I put each item I want to compare in my basket.

THEN other things begin to catch my eye. New lipsticks. Pretty nail polishes. Face transforming mascara… and so on. It never fails. EVERY time I enter the beauty section of ANY store, I end up being in that section for at least an hour, usually longer.

Anyway… one of the employees started like following me around. She was quite obviously pretending to “straighten items” not far from where I would be looking at whatever. When I would walk to a different part, she would move with me.

Maybe I should go into more detail about my makeup shopping habits… I usually compare items within groups. If I am looking at lipstick, for example, I will pick out whichever lipsticks I like from whatever brand I come to first, then move on to the other lipstick brands. This means I am moving around a LOT in the makeup department, retracing my own steps many times. It’s just the method that makes sense to me. Yes, I do have OCD.

So it was very apparent that she was following and watching me. I guess she realized, after like 20 minutes, that I was just being compulsive about comparing products. She went back to the front where the “district manager” employee was. I overheard him say “So is everything okay in cosmetics?” Her reply was “Everything is just fine, nothing to worry about”.

I was really offended! The guy was clearly an asshole and the poor girl employee sort of smiled at me apologetically. I give that particular Walgreens ALL my business regarding medication, which is a substantial amount of money each month, plus I always buy other items there because of convenience as I am waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. I still can’t figure out what caused the guy to be suspicious of me. Was it because I kept meandering around the aisles comparing the products, oblivious to the world around me? Was it the way I look? Because I dress differently and wear weird accessories?

I don’t know what prompted me to write about this suddenly. I glanced at an EOS hand lotion that I purchased and I guess it reminded me of this situation. I think I’m more bothered about it right now than I was when it happened. At the time I was too much “in the zone” to really care. Has anything like that ever happened to you? Do you have any weird habits when you shop for makeup? Am I the only one who can spend 2 hours in the cosmetics section? Kat

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22 responses to “A Trip to the Drugstore

  • VNikol

    That sucks, I might reconsider giving them my future biz. Thing I can’t stand about sales people is the overly aggressive approach, I like to shop & browse solo & the onslaught of hearing about every special they’ve ever offered is a real pain! I call it the Bath & Body Works tactic, can’t walk two feet into that place without being approached by a basket wielding apron-clad “team player” who wants to tell & show you everything they have goin’ on….um, it’s Bath & Body, who doesn’t know how it works by now! Ok, I’m done… ; )

    • addercatter

      I know exactly what you mean about Bath & Body!!! The thing about Walgreens is that they are the only place that carries one of my meds. 😦 However, I do have a CVS and Target nearby for future drugstore makeup needs…

  • Mareli Basson

    I also do the slow browse and sometimes I can see the assistants don’t know what to do about it. Usually I just ignore them after letting them know I’m just looking around. But it is annoying when they’re so suffocating.

    Maybe next time an assistant follows you, you can walk up to her and ask whether you can help her. 😉

    • addercatter

      Haha that’s a good idea. I’ve never had it happen before… I really think the manager made her do it. If it happens again I hope I remember to ask that. I usually lose myself in all the products and my brain stops functioning for anything else lol.

  • producthoochie

    This gets me so angry. I hate when employees follow me around.

  • LivingnLearningbyAmy

    That is a bit strange to be followed around like that. Like you said, something must have made you look suspicious to the manager so he probably thought you were going to steal something. How rude of him. You should have went up to him and told him you didn’t like being followed around in the store so that his plan of watching a potential shoplifter back fired on him.

    • addercatter

      It was just really bizarre. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before and I browse and shop there at least once a week! Sometimes I wonder if higher management have any customer service experience or skills at all!

  • thebeautifulcraft

    This is awful. The whole point of having the products laid out the way they do is so that you can compare & try things out etc. I’d have probably made a sarcastic remark about it on leaving as it would have annoyed me so much!

    • addercatter

      I might have said something under normal circumstances, maybe… I’m usually a very non-confrontational person though, but that’s just my personality. I was seriously so zoned out into finding the “right products” that I didn’t even have much of a reaction until hours later at home lol!

  • Make Uppa Your Face

    I don’t think you need to worry too much. If it was a District Manager, they probably sent the assistant over just to make sure. Having worked in Retail in the past, sometimes you need to have a look at someone who may not be behaving in the typical way a shopper would. Not to say that you looked dodgy or anything, please don’t think that – but she was probably overly thorough because the Big Boss was there. Loss prevention is part of her job after all.

    I am the same. I mooch thoroughly through the makeup, pick things up, put them back, wander about for ages. I can understand why someone would scope me out in that situation but hey, I know I’m honest and that’s what matters 😉 xx

    • addercatter

      Thank you for giving us your retail experienced point of view! It’s always great to get opinions and facts from all angles of a situation. What you said makes sense. I really feel that the employee was just doing what she was told by her boss and I also feel like she was uncomfortable doing it. I’m almost positive the whole situation wouldn’t have happened if the manager hadn’t been there. 😀

      • Xowie Brandt (Make Uppa Your Face)

        I think you’re right 😀 It’s terrifying when a big boss visits, no matter how nice they are! x

  • Veronica

    Don’t worry Addercater – the same thing happened to me here in Sydney. We don’t have Walgreens, I was in Priceline, which I’m guessing is something similar but smaller. Anyhow, I had the security guard following me around quite obviously and I felt highly offended as I was doing nothing and I shop there all the time! I finally decided that he needed to be seen to be doing something – and walked right up to him and stared him off to show that I knew he was following me. A few minutes more or looking around, I left. I vowed never to go in there again, but naturally I eventually gave up and did… he followed me around the next couple of times because I peeved him off by showing that he was being so very obvious. I ignored him. He has not bothered me since. 🙂

  • suaaddartistry

    Gosh, sales people following you around is the pits. I used to work in retail as well and I used to HATE it when my manager would tell me to hang around the customers. Its so intrusive. My worst experience was at a makeup up store looking for body paints for an Avatar makeup I was doing. And the sales woman quite snottily said that if I was “sure” I could mix up colours then that should be fine. I have an art background and am a makeup artist. Of course I’m “sure”.

  • thoughtsappear

    Ugh…that stinks. Maybe you were just a victim of poor timing. When I used to work retail years ago, we had to follow everyone around after a recent theft.

    • addercatter

      I understand that stores must have loss prevention strategies and agree that they should. It’s almost comical now, how blatantly obvious it was. That would have been great if I was actually stealing something. I think there is a fine line between loss prevention and making good customers uncomfortable. If I were a different type of person, that would have made me stop giving them my business!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  • Leonard Daly

    If I am ever followed in a beauty hall/cosmetics department I make it my business to pick up everything in sight! I have even explained how some of the products work to employees!

  • beautyandthebrokegirl

    I totally agree with you! Also- the worst is when you spend a lot of time comparing items but then you don’t purchase anything..the eyes don’t stop until you walk out and the security thing DOESNT go off. just because you don’t buy anything doesn’t mean you’re stealing!

  • staygorgeous

    oh I walk around and have my phone out and am googling swatches and reviews. I spent about 20 minutes straight checking out and contemplating all the new lip products (ie: Maybelline Color Whispers and CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balms). I don’t care if I look crazy! Even if it’s drugstore makeup, it’s still money spent, and I want to be sure I spend my hard earned cash on quality stuff 🙂

  • taffyj854

    I hate it when that happens to me too. I’m just looking around the makeup section and this employee lady has to keep asking me “are you ready to pay” every 5 min. In my head I’m just like “omg shut up lady. Obviously you can tell I’m not shoplifting. Go help someone else that needs help and leave me alone. ughhhh.”

    • addercatter

      There is a fine line between good customer service and driving your customer away. I think we should confront those employees when this happens. They are supposed to be making the customer happy, not the other way around!

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