My Sudden (non-original, i’m sure) Idea

So. I’m sure this is already going on with bloggers and I have not just come up with a brilliant, amazing thought ever. However, I personally have not read about or heard of it. Then again, I’m quite new to the blogging/vlogging world. So, this idea could be complete crap or totally not feasible, but please let me know how you feel about this, whether you would want to participate or not.

I was commenting to one of my blogger friends that we should start swapping cosmetic (or whatever) items. There are things I can get here in the US that some of you in other countries have mentioned you don’t have access to. So I was thinking maybe we could do item swapping or something of that nature. I do sell things on ebay and most of the time USPS First Class International shipping is not that expensive.

Also, maybe we don’t have to limit this to just bloggers from other countries. If we buy an item we don’t like, but someone else wants, maybe we can just do a trade…

I don’t know, what do you think?

Are any of you interested in trying this? Of course, we should get PO boxes or whatever, as it is never safe to publicly post your home address on the internet for ANY reason. If you read this, please at least comment “yes” or “no” just to let me know if you are interested. Or you may expand on the idea if you wish or enlighten me on any other knowledge you may have on the subject… please? Thank you much! Kat

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One response to “My Sudden (non-original, i’m sure) Idea

  • Mareli Basson

    I would definitely be interested ^_^ but first i’ll have to save up a bit. The shipping cost to South Africa is sometimes really high especially through something like UPS or Fedex.

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