Influenster Cosmo Vox Box Review by Addercatter! (Finally)

So. I have fallen far behind on my Birchbox and Vox Box reviews. Influenster will probably never send me anything ever again 😦  Hopefully that’s not the case, and I am going to try to redeem myself now. Better late than never, right?


These are the items from the Cosmo Vox Box I received uh… last month… ahem, anyway… I was pleased with each item.

The Ghirardelli Sea Salt & Caramel chocolate bar was HEAVENLY. Seriously, the best chocolate bar EVER.

A generous sample of the new fragrance, Red, by Bath & Body Works was included. This has become my FAVORITE scent. It has a sweet scent, but also smells a bit spicy. What really sets it apart, for me anyway, is the delicate combination that smells fresh, feminine, and… if emotions had scents, this would smell happy!

There were two pens included in this vox box. They are a new style, I believe by Bic, but I threw the packaging away on accident 😦
Anyway, my husband took the black one and my teenage son took the orange one. The ink is true to the color of the outside of the pen. They also have erasers, which work really well according to my son. My husband says the pen writes super smooth and has a c
omfortable rubber grip. Erasable pens? Count me in!

My favorite part of this Cosmo Vox Box by Influenster was the Venus Razor. Included was a refill, the olay one that has the soap and oton built in on the blade part so you don’t need to use shaving cream or anything. This has CHANGED  my LIFE.
If you have read my other posts, you know I am disabled. If you haven’t read them, I have a plethora of health problems. Fibromyalgia and arthritis  prevent me from being able to bend over without being in a ton of pain.

Because of the pain, (this is gross, I know) I rarely shave my legs anymore…. until I got this razor. Now I can just reach down and shave my legs in the shower without worrying about keeping away from the water because there is no shaving cream for it to wash away. I no longer have to try to prop my leg up on the shower wall (which is very dangerous for me) or try to become a contortionist

to shave my legs.

The lotion/soap stuff on the razor smells sooooo freakin good and leaves my legs silky smooth in one quick pass. I like this so much that I have already bought replacement blades for

the Venus razor.  All the different types of replacement razor heads fit the one handle, so you don’t have to buy a whole new razor if y

ou want to try out the different kinds!



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One response to “Influenster Cosmo Vox Box Review by Addercatter! (Finally)

  • VNikol

    Influenster sent me a box of dishwashing detergent a few months ago, I completed most of their required tasks but didn’t bother with the bonus tasks, so who knows if they’ll send me another. One can always hope…nice post!

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