The Washing Machine is Hissing…

So. I was walking through the laundry room the other day and I heard a weird hissing sound. The snake kind of hissing, not the cat kind of hissing. But I knew it wasn’t a snake because it was a constant noise. (snakes don’t make a constant hissing sound…do they?) I got up close to the washing machine. The sound was coming from it. Or I thought it was, anyway.

I told Husband about it, but he couldn’t hear anything when he investigated. I let it go to the back of my mind as I continued on with life things… taxi-ing Teenage Son back and forth to school, practices etc., sleeping, making dinner, sleeping… (see post before this one if you’re curious about the sleeping part)

Today the hissing became louder. Loud enough that Husband went to investigate further because HE actually heard it. Apparently, a pipe or something has busted and there is water in the foundation or something… idk. All I really know is that a “leak detector” is going to find the leak (?) tomorrow and then someone else is going to come with a jackhammer…

Does that make anyone else besides me cringe?

I’ve been up all night doing laundry while we still have water. I took a shower at about 4am. I painted my fingernails.
(left hand is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in “Ruby Ring” and right hand is Revlon Nail Enamel in 761 “Scandalous”. Ruby Ring is a very sparkly bright pink and Scandalous is a very dark, deep purple with tons of small glitter and big chunks of glitter mixed in. The pictures I took with my tablet doesn’t give these colors justice at all!)

Yeah. I just totally took off in another direction with this post. Sorry… it’s 5:30am and I haven’t been to sleep yet haha

Comments? Questions? Go right ahead. I’m bored 🙂 Kat

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I am a mother and a kitty cat lover. I'm a little girlie and a lot geeky. I would do anything in the world for my children. I've been described with many words, ranging from compassionate to mysterious. I suppose I am a complex person, an old soul from my birth. There is a depth to me that no one has ever come close to experiencing, and probably never will. I wanted so much to become a nurse. I've always wanted to help others. Unfortunately, my life took a very different path. I have a lot of health issues which have left me disabled. That won't stop me from helping other people whenever and however possible. Please, please follow me. You won't be disappointed, I promise! View all posts by Eli's Mommy

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