Addercatter’s November 2012 Birchbox Review


So. Here it is, my very first review. This is also my very first Birchbox! I was so excited when I received this box of goodies. I wish I could get over my nervousness of being on camera. What fun it would be to post the actual “opening of the box” on YouTube! Eh. Anyway, I can’t remember in which order I took these out of the box so I will just randomly begin.


The first thing I will… preview I guess…. will be this gorgeous nail polish. It is “Put a Pin in It” by Color Club and is a pretty, shimmery rose-gold color. It is much more pinkish than it looks in this picture. I will have to come back to this at a later time because, despite my anxiousness to paint this all over my nails, I could NOT get the darned thing open. I guess I will have my husband or son open it for me tomorrow 😦


Next there were two packets of Kerastase Chroma Riche hair cream. The product description card states that it is “designed to hydrate color-treated or dry strands”. There were no directions on the packets, only a short description in many languages and the English was very limited. I used it as I would a deep conditioning treatment while I took a shower and shaved my legs, killing two birds with one stone (razor review for Vox Box in a later post).

The product came out thick and saturated my long hair easily with only one packet. (I had the second with me just in case). My hair is normally dry, and left to it’s own devices can become very frizzy  and tangly.  This product took the tangles right out as I applied it and my hair has since air-dried and is soft. I am noticing it is less frizzy than it normally would have been without this product. I did not apply any other product, just let my hair dry on it’s own.

I did NOT like the smell of this stuff. To me, it smells like the baby aspirin my mom used to disolve in a teaspoon of water and make me swallow when I was a child. Blech. Luckily, my AG xtramoist shampoo prevailed. Is this stuff worth $61 for a “full size” product? No. I have gotten the same results from much cheaper products that are on the other side of the scent spectrum for me. However, that is only my opinion.

I am going to split this Birchbox review into a couple of sections because I am doing this on my new ASus tablet and haven’t figured out a way to save as I go. Yet.

Ok, what do you think so far? Am I doing ok with the whole review thing? Am I being too wordy? Give me all your thoughts please. Ok, while you read this, I will start on section 2! Kat

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