I Think I Have a Dog Living in a Cat’s Body…

Yes, it’s true. Addy acts very dog-like. She scratches at the door when she wants to go outside. She comes back in when we whistle for her. She plays fetch with her favorite shoestrings and actually brings them back to us. If the doorbell rings, she runs right to the door. She loves hot cheetos and spicy cheezits. (not sure if that is a dog-like quality but I’m throwing it in there anyway).

She sleeps on my feet at night and is by my side everywhere I go (while I am inside or near the house outside). She acts very protective of me. She is a very important part of my family but she is the strangest cat I’ve ever owned!

Do you have a cat who displays dog-like behaviors? If so, in what ways? Kat

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5 responses to “I Think I Have a Dog Living in a Cat’s Body…

  • ladylighttravel

    My cat plays fetch. Someone taught it to him when he was a feral kitten. He also scratches at the door when he wants out. He doesn’t like to be held but will follow me on walks.

  • Argus

    My Gravatar image is of a beloved companion who passed into the void decades ago. He had to live with our cats and was always a purrfect gentleman. Even when we brought home a new refugee kitten that promptly made the suicidal mistake of beating him to his dinner—

    —dog could simply have taken everything in one huge gulp and spat out the bowl; but instead he stood there a few moments. Then when he came closer kitten held out one arm like a traffic cop and carried on for what seemed ages until he’d made a dent in the dinner; with dog patiently waiting.

    But dog got his own back.
    He scoffed the lot once we’d removed kitten to his own bowl; then came over and gave kitten such a lick he turned from soft furry object to spikey thing with wild staring eyes in no time flat.

    They became utterly devoted companions …

    • addercatter

      What a furry sweet story! Oh… and I hate it when the barkie thing tries to lick me… blech!!! – Addycat

      • Argus

        With ours he soon got the hint, but ever an opportunist he’d seize any opportunity—and if a British bull terrier gets you down there’s nothing much you can do about it but ride out the storm then go for a shower.
        They are highly intelligent with a real sense of humour; and know the limits (which they’ll forever test). Vicious? No.

        One time when I was taking him for exercise he was following on a lead I felt it go tight, then I was pulled to an abrupt halt by an immovable object.
        Looked around and there was dog, standing like a rock and looking up at me in a quizzical expression—with a Staffordshire bull terrier pup hanging from his face, all four paws clear of the ground.
        Dog’s expression was pure “Hey, Dad—can you do something about this, please?” so I had to get the very keen (but not very clever) pup off of his face … a true gentleman. I still miss him.

      • addercatter

        Oh my gosh! That would have made for a great photo! 🙂

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