Seriously? (me venting, probably a very boring post)

So. I have sleep apnea. I was diagnosed last month, and received an ASV Machine (type of cpap machine-I will explain more in a later post).

I am supposed to send the data card from the breathing machine to the company medicare is buying my machine from. Medicare checks the data to make sure the patient is actually using the machine. If the patient uses the machine less than a certain percent of time, Medicare will not continue paying for the machine.

I belong to a sleep apnea forum, and a lot of people there are downloading their own machine data at home to be more active in their treatment, many with great success.

I know. I’m rambling about things I haven’t even explained to you yet. That’s not important right now because I am just venting and someone else might have this problem too. Probably not. Maybe my chaotic sentences and unfortunate events are entertaining. Ok.

I’m aggravated because I can not get the info from the SD card that was in the machine to download into the ResScan program I put on my computer.

If you have read some of my other blogs, you know I have recently been having trouble with my iPad and phone as well. Argh!

What is going on??? I have built computers and worked on prototype databases for goodness sakes! I can remove viruses from your hard drive. I can rebuild your gaming computer for heavens sake! But I can’t get a stupid program to accept data from a stupid sd card for the life of me!

Hah. Ok. I feel better now. :-/

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