Where Were You???

I was detoxing. Detoxing off ALL the evil meds I’ve been taking for years. It was THE roughest situation I have ever physically,  mentally, emotionally gone through. I don’t wish opiate withdrawal on my worst enemy… and that’s saying something, trust me!

Anyway, the worst is over now and I can breathe again… except…
(You all knew it couldn’t be THAT easy and uncomplicated right? This is ME we’re talking about…)

I’ve had to start telling people to fuck off.
Apparently it’s “irresponsible” or “selfish” to be away from home for 2 weeks to get the help you need… who knew?
Still… my eyes needed to be opened to the way these people really are. I need to be where I am Celebrated, not just Tolerated. Hard to believe I’m related by blood to some of these people! 

So there’s that drama trying to go on but I don’t do well with drama. Anyone who has formed and spoken opinions of me without talking to ME about what’s been going on first, they get a “Fuck Off”. That’s not something I day often or take lightly… When I say it, I mean it for good.

Something else happened that’s really got me in a bad situation and I don’t know how to get out of it yet…

My car got towed. Yeah… I’ve never had that happen before, knew nothing about the process or cost or anything,  so when I took a cab to the towing company and learned that I need almost $800 to get my car back, I panicked. I am STILL panicking.

I don’t have that kind of money! I’m effing disabled, on a fixed income and am barely surviving as it is! And apparently the fees climb each day the car is there. I’m fucked. How am I supposed to fix this???

A Situation with Pain Management

So… I’ve been procrastinating making this post… but I have come to terms with the fact that I don’t know what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I’ve been going to pain mgmt for around 3 years. Last year I moved and had to find a new pain dr in my new state. I waited 4 months to get into this place… my first visit was GREAT. The Dr said she wanted to help me, that she would read up about my conditions that she was unfamiliar with, that we would keep my medications the same until she came up with a better treatment plan that would help better than just the meds I was on.
That was the ONLY time this Dr saw me in 8 months.  Oh, I drove the 2 hours each way every month, but was only seen by a nurse, required to take a urine drug test, and given med refills, even though I requested each time to see the dr.

A few months ago I noticed I was having extreme side effects and found that I was no longer taking 15mg oxycodone tablets, but that I had been taking 30 mg tablets. I asked the nurse if that was right… she said yes… but I KNOW for a fact all the ones I’d had before we’re 15mg tablets. So this place either screwed up or they upped my dose without my knowledge.

So about 2 weeks ago I went to my monthly appointment,  this time determined not to leave until I saw the actual doctor.  I had made up my mind to ask for a referral to someone else because obviously I was unhappy for several reasons. When the nurse took me back to get my vitals I told her right away that I needed to see the doctor and that I wanted to be referred somewhere else.
So the doctor finally comes in after e hours and tells me that my last drug screen tested positive for hydrocodone which I do not take. She said it was an amount equal to 1 hydrocodone pill. I told her I do not ever take anything but what is prescribed to me period, that I was not happy that she had only seen my the very first visit,  and that I needed a referral somewhere else. She wouldn’t say anything except to accuse me of taking hydrocodone and yelling at me that I needed to tell her where I got it. After yelling the same thing 3 times she told the nurse I needed to leave. She looked at me, told me to find someone else and that I needed to leave now. I asked twice if she would refill my scripts until I could find another doctor. She ignored me both times. The nurse told me to go sit in the waiting room. An hour later the receptionist called me to the desk, gave me a letter of “dismissal” because I had “used medication that didn’t belong to me” and a tapering off prescription with a ridiculous timeline considering the amounts of meds and duration I’ve taken them.

I got home and looked at the copy of the drug test. It did NOT show a positive result for hydrocodone,  but it was positive for a small amount of Norhydrocodone which is a metabolite of hydrocodone.  However under the result it said that small amounts of NORHYDROCODONE can be found in patients who take oxycodone,  which I do. Internet searches have confirmed this for me.

So much for the fucking hyppocratic oath with this dr!!!

What would you do in this situation? I know I need a new pain dr, which will probably take months…

Lessons in Meowish (Meowish for Beginners)

Hello evfurryone! Addycat here again =^..^=
Today I would like to introduce you all to a widely spoken, but rarely known language (to humans anyway), Meowish.

Meowish is the language us cats use to commewnicate with over the internets. (Not to be confused with the supurr secret language of Purrglish, which we cats use with each other in purrson and i will NOT be cofuring in this class because… well… it’s supurr secret!)

Moving on. Im sure many of you readers have noticed that some of the words I use are spelled diffurently than you would find in a human blog. These words are part of the Meowish language and allow swift compurrehension of commewnication among cats!

The words sound furry similar to the English word it repurresents, which means that almost efurrybody can read Meowish, but kittehs seem to understand Meowish better. I think this is because if we come across the Meowish writing, we know it has been written by a cat and we will therefurr pay attention.

Cats are the far supurrior beings, so we know if a cat has written something, it must be impurrtant! The writings in English are largely ignored by cats because… well… it is written and spoken by humans. And we ALL know humans have nothing impurrtant to talk or write about, unless it has to do with noms. Or pawsibly Da Bird toys or chin scritches. (No offense to any of my human readers… The truth is the truth.)

Now, you may be wondering why I am writing a post on beginning Meowish if we cats already know the language. I was reading a great blog that I subspurribe to, Cats at the Bar, and left a comment about Meowish there. The human of that blog respawnded and seemed intpurrested in the language.  I thought maybe other humans might be intpurrested too and im sure other cats will find the topic intpurresting too!

This post is already getting long and I am furry ready fur my evening nap, so we will begin with the furst rule of Meowish fur today.

Meowish Rule #1

When writing a word, think of any cat – related words that could pawsibly be used in the spelling of that word. For example: the word pawsibly. Now, humans write this word as: possibly. In Meowish, “poss” is replaced with “paws”, because… it sounds the same and cats have paws! The “o” in the English word “for” is replaced with “u”, making the word “fur” because… cats have fur. Is this making sense, humans?

Would you like to learn Meowish? Are you cats intpurrested in observing humans learning Meowish? If so, we might start a Meowish dictionary where cats and humans (and MAYBE even some of the more intelligent barkie things) can submit words for the dictionary!


Oh… don’t furget to go check out the kittehs at Cats at the Bar!

Trills, Addycat

The Many Names of Addycat

Hello evfurryone, Addycat here, Hijacking Meowmies blog again! (what?!?! she hasnt been writing in it anyways MOL)

Today I would like to talk about all of my nicknames. Except the ones I get called after being naughty… ahem…

I got my name because when I was a furball kitten, I was furry furry hyper. My daddy said I must have kitteh ADD… so they started calling me ADDY!

From there, Meowmie started calling me Addison and Addelina. She likes to make up many names for me… some people may think this is confusing to a kitteh but not me… I always know when she is talking to me!

Here are more names Meowmie likes to call me:

Addercatter, Addycat,  Meowser, Pretty Kitty, Adders, Addison Cattison, Addy Gato, Baby Cat, and she says ALL the time that I am the “cutest little Meowie Gato ever”.

What kind of names do you get called by your humans, or do you humans call your fur superiors?

Time fur crunchy noms and a nappie!!!

An Unexpected Visitor!

Addycat here. Meowmie woke up furry early this meowning. She opened the front door to go outside and felt something brush against her leg. She thought it was me sneaking outside… only it wasn’t!!! Someone snuck inside superfast!!!

It is furry cold outside,  and sometimes my neighbor Garfield stays out all night. He must have been fureezing because as soon as Meowmie opened that door, he rushed inside!

I don’t go outside much, but I have met Garfield out there before. He is always furry nice to me, but I’m not used to other kittehs and feel a little aggressive towards him. The last time I saw him though, I let him get close to me and we touched nosies before I hissed!

Anyways. Meowmie felt sorry for Garfield because he was cold, so she hasn’t made him leave yet. If you ask me, he’s getting a little TOO comfortable as a guest in MY house!



He’s up on MY futon and I’m below him on the floor,  glaring.



I guess he is a nice ginger mancat, but I hope he doesn’t get any ideas about staying furry long. And he BETTER stay away from my crunchy noms!!! Hmph!

Addycat’s First Review & Stuff

Addycat here! I know I just wrote in the bloggie this morning but Meowmie was looking at the pic of me that I posted and noticed I was laying on my Da Bird toy.

Meowmie does lots of reviews about colordy stuff she smears on hers face, and other weird human stuffs like that. Meowmie says I can do reviews fur some of my stuffs too!!! I’m so excited!!!

So here is my furry furst review! On Da Bird Cat Toy!!!


Da Bird is a 3 foot (foot? Shouldn’t it be paw? I don’t know but that’s what it said on the package) plastic 1 piece pole. Attached to the pole is a stretchy stringy about the same length. Tied to the string is a purrfect, sturdy birdie FEATHER thing!!!

When Meowmie makes it fly around, the feathery flies around just like a birdie!!! Meowmie says it moves like that because it is made with a fishing swively thingy like humans use on the fishing poles to catch fishies. (I guess their claws aren’t sharp enough?)

Da Bird is lots of funs. I like to chew on the feathers and they haven’t braked yet… usually I make things deadded fast but Da Bird is still alive!!! I like to carry it in my mouth by its string (I love stringies, they are one of my furvorite toys efur) and chew on the pole too!

Meowmie says she got it furry cheap on something called Amazon and that there are refills you can buys in case your kitteh makes the one that came with it deadded!

Before Da Bird I didn’t like store bought toys. I only played with shoestrings and my favfurite long rainbowy stringy. But Da Bird is almost as fun as rainbowy stringie!!! Can you believe it?

I give Da Bird 4 toebeans up (the highest I can give becuz… no thumbs…) and would recommend it to efurrybody!!!

So how did I do on my furst review? Should I do more? What else should I bloggie about?

Purrs, Addycat

About Addycat

I am a girl cat. I’m 4 years old and am beuuuuutiful grey with big yellow eyes! My purrents named me Addy because the tall one with the furry face who lets me play rough with him and give hard biteys on his paws, thought I had some kind of cat-ADD when I was a lil kitten!

Before the tall furry faced human got me, I was born to a precious Siamese named Oddish, who is the cat of the furiend of the tall furry faced human. My brofurs and sisfurs all got adopted before me at 6 weeks and I was feeling sad because, although I loved being with mom, there were some really big woofies at that house, and other big purries too. They scare me.

What I didn’t know at the time was, I really had already been adopted, I just had to wait until the tall furry faced human’s wife got out of the  human stabby place to go to my new home. The wife had gotten something done to her head at the stabby place and was there a very long time. The only thing she wanted when she got out of the stabby place was a kitteh and talked about it nonstop whenever she had visitors in the stabby place!

So even though I felt like nobody wanted to adopt me, and that I’d be miserable furever with those big woofies, I had a destiny!
The tall furry faced human had made arrangements to get me the very day that his wife got out of the stabby place!
That day was the best day of my life! The tall furry faced human’s wife was very frail and sick still, but when she saw me, a huge smile lit her face and she gently picked me up and snuggled me and I knew that this would be my new meowmy.

Lots of stuff has happened since that moment! I decided I would like to try to write in a blog like Meowmy, so she has lent me her tablet to see what I come up with! I am very creative you know, because I’m a cat. I hope to post a lot more than Meowmy has lately, she’s been slackin. I know I can do better!!!  If you have questions or comments or whatefur, leave them for me and I’ll answer as soon as I can. I’m still trying to figure how to do this and how to make my bloggie fun and interactive!!!
That’s all fur now, I’m off for a nap. Or to ask Meowmy for some of my new treats that I just had some of. I can see the package… maybe I shouldn’t bother Meowmy with it, she looks tired. Maybe I should just get them myself, I know I can do it without Meowmy’s help. What do you think???

Have a Purrrfect Day!

PS I’m thinking I need a nappy… look how sleepy I am!!!

Today is a New Day

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything.  I’ve been very ill… In bed for weeks. The pain and depression has been unreal, but today I woke up determined to snap out of it.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, who has been so encouraging to me even though I’ve been an emotional crazy mess!

I feel almost as though I’m waking out of a thick fog…

I don’t have much to say, I just wanted to write SOMETHING to make myself feel as though I still exist…

Addycat has been right by my side this whole time, she’s the best kitteh ever!!!

“Twelve Days Of ‘Cat’mas” Day 6

Purrrfect Christmas Gift


Looks like kitten has done this before…

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Purrrfect Christmas Gift

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